Col. Morgan Morgan and his descendants are intertwined with the history and development of Virginia and West Virginia.  Without this branch of the Morgan's, there would likely be no West Virginia, no Marion Country, and no Fairmont or Morgantown.

Morgan Morgan (or Morgan ap Morgan) was born in Glamorganshire, Cardiff, WALES, on November 1, 1688.  According to tradition, Glamorganshire was the home of King Arthur--and Arthur was of the House of Morgan.

Morgan Morgan was educated in London and immigrated to the colonies at the age of 19, settling in Christiana, Delaware, where he became a merchant-tailor.  He married Catherine Garretson in 1713 or 1714.

During the winter of 1726-1727 he moved his family to Bunker Hill, Virginia (which is now Berkeley County, WV).  There he sponsored the building of the first Episcopal church and is credited with many other firsts:

  • First permanent white settler of present-day West Virginia

  • First civil officer

  • First judicial officer

  • First commissioned military officer

  • First licensed tavern keeper

  • First engineer of roads & builder of the first road, about 12 miles long

  • First militia organized by him in 1735--which is now the 201st National Guard

Of his eight children, David developed the area now known as Fairmont, WV, while Zackquill developed the area of Morgan's Town, VA, and now called Morgantown WV.

Morgan Morgan died in 1766.


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