Colonel Morgan Morgan (b. November 1, 1688 d. November 17, 1766), is believed traditionally to have founded the first permanent white settlement in present day West Virginia at Cool Spring Farm, although a German town was discovered to have been in existence prior to Morgan's arrival.

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   Col. Morgan Morgan was born on 1 Nov 1688 in Glamorgan, Wales. He died on 17 Nov 1766 in Bunker Hill, Berkeley Co., WV.  (Bible Entry) Listed in an early history of Berkeley Co., West VA, stating: "Immigrant Colonel Morgan Morgan was born in the principality of Wales, in England, and was educated in London during the reign of Queen Anne, or around the the reign of George I began. He commenced business as a merchant at the place now known as Christiana ... Whether by design or through indifference to ancestral lore, the latter being a well known family trait, Col. Morgan Morgan, who was well educated for his time and destined to take an active part in the early life of Colonial America, left no record, official or otherwise, so far as is known, which has been preserved or remembered by any of his many descendants, of his connection in his native Wales with the old Glamorganshire family there of the same name, which reaches back of things Anglo-Saxon into the days of the Ancient Celts." 

Col. Morgan Morgan was married to Catherine Garretson in 1713 or 1714 in Christiana, New Castle, DE. He was buried at Morgan Chapel, Frederick County, VA. New DNA files prove some of his descendants and their locations. 

Hopewell Quaker files from Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy gives added information. Col. Morgan Morgan was educated at Cambridge University and went to Delaware as Crown Council. He came to America in 1712 and settled at Chrisriana, Delaware. He became the first white settler of what is now Berkley County, West Virginia. Morgan Morgan was the Presiding judge when the first Frederick County Court met in Winchester in 1742. 

And still more information reveals that Col. Morgan Morgan married Catherine Garretson, daughter Henry and Ann (Powell) Garretson. Henry Garreston lived in Christiana, New Castle, Delaware, but died in Chester Co., PA.     

Morgan was born in Wales and is often said to have arrived at present-day West Virginia in 1727, though he was living in Delaware at that time, acting as the coroner of New Castle County.  He is said to have been an ordained clergyman but there is no evidence to support this. However, Morgan did help in the establishment of West Virginia's first church. He died at Bunker Hill, Berkeley Co., (West) Virginia.

Family:   Morgan had eight children by his wife, the former Catherine Garretson. One son, David, became famous as an Indian fighter due to an encounter with Delaware natives at his homestead. He sponsored the first Episcopal church , built the first highway, & established the beginnings of (what is now) Fairmont, WV.   Another son, Zackquill, founded Morgantown, West Virginia. Francis Harrison Pierpont, another descendant, was  Gov. of Restored Virginia from 1861-65.

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