The marriage of Colonel Morgan Morgan and Catherine Garretson Morgan produced 8 children; one daughter and 7 sons. Their first child, James, died at the age of 16. Anne, their only daughter, married twice. She married Nathaniel Thomas and later Reuben Paxton, eventually moving to South Carolina. Next came David who spent most of his life in Marion County, WV. The family of Charles, the fourth child, also moved to South Carolina along with Charles’ brother Henry. Evan, the only unmarried child of Morgan and Catherine, lived and died in Berkeley County, WV. His son Zackquill, founded Morgan’s Town (later Morgantown) in Monongalia County, WV. Morgan Morgan, II, the youngest child, spent his entire life in Berkeley County, WV.

  The mystery surrounding the families of Anne, Charles and Henry have led them to become known to Morgan descendants as the “Lost Tribes”. Nothing is really known about their lives after their move to South Carolina. The lineages of these branches of the family are a source of great curiosity to the descendants of the other Morgan children. We are always searching for information about the families of Anne, Charles and Henry Morgan and encourage descendants of these Morgan children to share their family tree stories.



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